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LuxAviation Sky Club - Built on Citation Jets

My name is Ward Bonduel. I'm the CEO of Luxaviation Belgium.

Luxaviation is one of the oldest private jet operators in Europe. We operate 250 jets around the globe and of these managed aircraft, we have some aircraft that we operate under the SkyClub program.

The advantage of the Sky Club program is that the client, he doesn't have to invest 100% in the aircraft. But he can just go invest in the aircraft and hence we bring down the investment barrier and lowering the barrier for the clients to step in as an owner.

The SkyClub program is also built around Textron Aviation jets. So, it started with the CJ2. SkyClub clients, they want to see an evolution in the products they have, that there's something new, so that's the step that we made with the CJ4 Gen2.

For us Textron aviation is an obvious choice. It is a well-known company, and they have a broad range of jets and turboprop aircraft that they can offer in the market. The ratio of the operating costs and the investment is good. The aircraft is reliable and there's global support and we are happy with the service and reliability of Textron Aviation jets.

We always feel supported, and I think that is important in the relationship.

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