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Cessna Caravan "Workhorse" enhances possibilities for inspiring, life-saving missions

Focusing on the needs of others sits at the core of Mission Aviation Fellowship International (MAFI). Designed to deliver hope and support through aviation, MAFI is a faith-based international organization providing assistance through medical care and other necessities to less populated parts of the world. The initiative, rooted in reaching those who may otherwise be isolated, has turned into a life-changing mission for all involved.

As a group MAFl has served millions, with the vision to reach even more. Targeting remote or isolated areas, MAFI seeks opportunity to help those in need. Textron Aviation aircraft have been the vehicles of choice to get there.

Featuring different aircraft in its fleet, MAFI has come to know the importance of a product versatile enough to handle the rigor of their mission. While pursuing these critical efforts, MAFI has chosen to utilize the Cessna® Caravan® turboprop as the mainstay in its fleet. David Pearce, Manager of Flight Standards for MAFI has seen it first-hand.

"People are very isolated and cut off, and often there's no opportunity for development. We're very blessed to be born in countries that give us such boundless opportunities," shared Pearce. "The aircraft can help to bring such opportunities and hope for the future."

"It has been a pleasure to be able to play a small part over the years using the versatile Caravan, an incredible workhorse, and impacting the lives of many."David Pearce, MAFI

MAFI owns several Textron Aviation products, each capable of helping them meet the rigorous tasks of their mission. Often traveling to locations with unpaved runways or makeshift airstrips, the need for an aircraft that can handle different challenges is present. Sporting the ability to transport large quantities of cargo with abundant power is only the beginning of what makes the Caravan® turboprop the ideal aircraft for MAFI.

"It handles a variety of airstrips, from 450 meters on the side of a mountain in Papua New Guinea, through to the desert plains of the Sahara Desert," noted Pearce. "It handles the soft and rough surfaces, it handles the short runways. It has been a pleasure to be able to play a small part over the years using the versatile Caravan, an incredible workhorse, and impacting the lives of many."

Phil Sproul, Director of Technical Operations agreed, noting the Cessna® Caravan® turboprop meets their needs through its resourcefulness.

"The Caravans are really versatile airplanes that we can quickly configure to the mission we need to fly, whether it is flying passengers to help with development and health care or moving seats out and putting stretchers in or using the aircraft for cargo. It's an ambulance, it's a truck and it's a bus all at the same time," he explained. "The power that is available means it can operate hot and high on the short trips, so you have sufficient power."

"It's an ambulance, it's a truck and it's a bus all at the same time."Phil Sproul, MAFI

Earning trust through service has built MAFI for decades. Its work with Textron Aviation continues to extend its reach through reliable products and support. The pair says the quality of aircraft and the people from Textron Aviation stand out most.

"Textron Aviation has a level of expertise in the field and their responsiveness with a large network we can tap into. The access to parts and support is worldwide, even in the remote places we fly, which is sometimes difficult, but always obtainable," shared Sproul.

Pearce would agree with the assessment saying, "Textron Aviation offers support centers around the world so that we can get aftermarket modifications done from approved facilities if required," he stated. "They're able to find us the aircraft that suits our needs. The willingness to do that shows that they believe in the product for the long term, and they are invested in seeing it perform and not just selling any aircraft."