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Avionics Upgrades and Enhancements Keep Pilot Mission Focused

Jonathan Corcoran, President of Corcoran Aviation, plans for what is ahead. Mapping routes to fly the Cessna® Citation® CJ3+™ jet is an important part of every mission. Each flight creates its own experience both for him and his passengers, but Corcoran knew they could be better. For him, that improvement would be found in the cockpit, centered around the technology at his fingertips and the ability to stay connected.

"To us, it felt like it would give us the same aircraft that was coming off the line at a fraction of the cost."Jonathan Corcoran

While considering purchasing a new aircraft with an updated avionics platform, Corcoran instead opted to avoid the wait time and upgrade the Garmin® G3000® avionics system and wireless connection on the aircraft he already owned. He recounts the decision his best option at an ideal cost.

"We were looking at a new CJ3+, but the wait time was longer than expected and prices had gone up. We were required to do a software update on the current platform, and the new hardware update had recently come out, as well," Corcoran explained. "To us, it felt like it would give us the same aircraft that was coming off the line at a fraction of the cost. It was a no brainer."

The idea to upgrade the Garmin® G3000® and Wi-Fi connection enhanced with data communication capability was rooted in staying up to date with the latest technology. Ultimately, deciding where to turn for the service was an easy choice.

"Textron Aviation has been the only one to touch the aircraft since we bought it, so it was logical to have them perform the upgrade," Corcoran noted. "Who better than the people who designed and built it?"

Having an already established relationship with Textron Aviation, Corcoran was comfortable with the decision and trusted the hands that would do the work. Understanding this upgrade would improve his experience as a single-pilot operator, Corcoran also added Controller Pilot Data-Link Communication (CPDLC), another key feature in each flight he takes. He says the text-based communication system alleviates some of the work required when he is flying on his own.

"It saves a lot of time and reduces a lot of errors associated with verbal communication. There are times where it is difficult to understand air traffic control," Corcoran shared. "With CPDLC they can send new routes directly, you press a button, and it is loaded. It works the same for getting clearances. They send the clearance directly to you so there isn't a need to call anymore."

"Textron Aviation has been the only one to touch the aircraft since we bought it, so it was logical to have them perform the upgrade."Jonathan Corcoran

Navigating the aircraft after the completed changes only enhanced Corcoran's time in flight and his business. With sharper screens and increased functionality, he says the differences were immediate and clear.

"It is like going from an old computer to a brand new one and you only wonder why you hadn't made the choice sooner. It has been night and day," he said. "The screens are sharper, and things are available a lot quicker, it made my life so much easier. The Wi-Fi being faster helped in the same way."

The success of the upgrade in the cockpit has made Corcoran excited to pursue other opportunities. Having worked with Textron Aviation since initial delivery, Corcoran understands the capability and expertise of the OEM. Knowing the aircraft is in the hands of those who know it best, he is excited to see it evolve, calling it a chance to recreate the aircraft from tip to tail.

Even though the paint and interior has held up well, everyone loves the look and feel of a new interior," Corcoran detailed. "It will be like getting a brand-new airplane but still enjoying one we are familiar with. This aircraft has great bones, and a refresh will make everyone fall in love with it all over again."

Pleased with the usefulness of the advanced system, Corcoran explains he has been enjoying the benefits since the switch. He reflects on how this entire process helped improve his experience while in flight. Equipped with technology that would make his more than 350 hours of flight each year easier, he details the choice as imperative.

"It was extremely important. I fly so much; dispatch reliability must be 100%. Having the most current and well-maintained technology makes that happen," he stated. "Overall, it was the best decision, and I would do it again without hesitation."