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Top Hawk is leading the way for aviation programs to continue training the next generation of pilots. Top Hawk is a partnership between Textron Aviation and top aviation schools to provide students with access to the world’s most popular trainer, the Cessna® Skyhawk®.

Select universities and Cessna® Pilot Centers will participate in Top Hawk to promote general aviation and connect future pilots to higher education. They will receive a factory new, custom branded Cessna® Skyhawk® to use for the duration of the program to promote aviation at air shows, aviation contests, and recruiting events. Top Hawk aircraft also allow schools to showcase their connection to Textron Aviation’s reputable internship program and support discovery flights and learn to fly programs.

Congratulations to Air Fleet, Cactus Aviation, Equus Aviation, Oklahoma Aviation and Spirit Aviation, who are participating in the 2024 Top Hawk program to promote general aviation and connect future pilots to higher education!

Air Fleet

Air Fleet Training Systems, conveniently located near New York City in Fairfield, NJ, stands out as the exclusive Cessna® Pilot Center in the area. Recognized for its dedication to excellence since 1991, this flight school is the go-to choice for individuals in New York and New Jersey pursuing high-quality flight training. Boasting state-of-the-art flight simulators, well-maintained aircraft, and experienced instructors, Air Fleet Training Systems prioritizes trust and teamwork in its mission to deliver professional aviation training.

The school has been an AOPA Distinguished Flight School since 2017 and sets itself apart with one of the youngest aircraft fleets in the US Northeast, as well as being serviced by an in-house maintenance department. Air Fleet Training Systems holds various certifications, including FAA Part 141 approval, SEVIS approval for M-1 visas, and membership in the Flight School Association of North America. As the premier flight training facility in the region, their vision is to establish a globally renowned, high-quality pilot training company that brings together highly skilled professionals and passionate aviation enthusiasts.

Cactus Aviation

Cactus Aviation, Southern Nevada's exclusive Cessna® Pilot Center, has been serving the region since 2008. Located in the Executive Terminal of Henderson Executive Airport, our prime location offers flight training amidst stunning landmarks such as the Las Vegas Strip, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Grand Canyon. As a Pt. 61 flight school and PSI testing center, we have a growing fleet of Cessna® 172's and a Redbird LD Simulator. Despite our proximity to the vibrant lights of Las Vegas, Cactus Aviation prioritizes creating a family-friendly community within our flight school. We have established enduring partnerships with the College of Southern Nevada and various high schools, further strengthening our ties to the community. Our dedicated team of Flight Instructors shares our mission of providing safe, professional, and cost-effective flight training for aspiring aviators. We take great pride in witnessing our students' progress from their initial Discovery Flight to achieving milestones like their PPL and even becoming CFIs. Being named one of the recipients of the 2024 Top Hawk is a humbling and honorable recognition for Cactus Aviation.

Equus Aviation

Equus Flight Academy, a woman-owned flight school dedicated to equity and accessibility in aviation, proudly receives the 2024 Top Hawk grant. Committed to exceptional training and expanding opportunities, Equus empowers diverse individuals to pursue aviation and aerospace. With campuses in Nashua, NH, Salem, IN, and soon in Sarasota, FL, Equus exposes students to varied flying conditions, enhancing their skills. The academy boasts high completion rates and pass rates, with a focus on inclusivity. The Top Hawk grant and Cessna® Skyhawk® acquisition reinforce Equus' commitment to breaking barriers and fostering a diverse community of skilled aviators.

Equus Flight Academy's dedication to inclusivity extends beyond training and education. The academy actively collaborates with organizations and initiatives that promote diversity in aviation. Through partnerships with community outreach programs and mentorship initiatives, Equus strives to create a supportive network for aspiring aviators from underrepresented backgrounds. By fostering a sense of belonging and providing access to resources, Equus Flight Academy is committed to ensuring that the skies are open to all who dream of soaring among the clouds.

Oklahoma Aviation

Oklahoma Aviation "OA" was founded in 2003 as Oklahoma's premier Cessna® Pilot Center. Our mission is to provide the highest quality flight training in superior, late-model aircraft and full-motion simulators using standardized operating procedures under FAR Part 141. We are VA approved for Instrument, Commercial, Instructor, and ATPL courses.

OA utilizes Cessna® web-based flight and ground training system, a scenario-based interactive instruction that works cooperatively with the actual flight experience, allowing students to prepare for their next training flight before takeoff. With a team of highly experienced flight instructors and administrators, Oklahoma Aviation has become one of the most respected flight schools in our state and beyond!

Spirit Aviation

Located in Thomson, Georgia, Spirit Aviation is a beacon for aspiring aviators, providing a comprehensive and unparalleled flight training experience. Founded with a passion for aviation and a commitment to excellence, Spirit Aviation has emerged as a leading flight school and Cessna® Pilot Center, shaping the dreams of individuals eager to take to the skies. The vision of seasoned aviators, Spirit Aviation was created to combine traditional values with cutting-edge training methods.

Spirit Aviation boasts state-of-the-art facilities that create a professional aviation environment. Equipped with modern classrooms, briefing rooms, and simulation facilities, the flight school fosters a conducive learning atmosphere. The fleet of training aircraft is meticulously maintained to ensure the highest safety standards, reflecting the school's unwavering commitment to the well-being of its students.

With a range of training programs tailored to individuals at various stages of their aviation journey, Spirit Aviation caters to the unique needs and goals of each student. From private pilot licenses to advanced certifications, the school offers a diverse curriculum. While deeply rooted in the Thomson community, Spirit Aviation has also made a mark on the global aviation scene. Alumni of the flight school have gone on to pursue successful careers in various sectors of the aviation industry, including commercial airlines and private charter services.

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