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At Textron Aviation, we envision a future filled with opportunities and development at every stage of your career. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to switch paths, our apprenticeships are programmed with a purpose - to motivate, educate, and support you as your career takes off. Explore our paid apprenticeship opportunities and grow with us.

You are the future of aviation. Help us create the future of flight and let your career take off.

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How Do Apprenticeships Work?

Our apprenticeships are designed to provide hands-on-training partnered with classes at a technical college resulting in an associate's degree and full-time employment. These programs will equip you with the expertise needed for your selected profession through classroom learning, diverse rotations and one-on-one mentorship - all while getting paid to learn and grow.

Achieve your dream career and mark your success through the apprenticeship journey.

What's in it for You?

  • Education

    • Earn full-time compensation with benefits while obtaining an Associate's Degree - on us.
    • Utilize Textron Aviation's Tuition Assistance for this program and continue your education following the program.
  • Connections

    • Benefit from one-on-one mentorship.
    • Join a supportive peer community.
  • Development

    • Learn at your own pace.
    • No prior experience is required, making it an inclusive and rewarding path to a successful career.
  • 3Year

    2 Years of Skill-Building + 1 Year of Full-Time Employment

  • 40Hour

    2 Days at a Technical School + 3 Days on the Job Training

Hear From Our Employees

"Always strive for improvement. Having a comfortable way to accomplish that is awesome! This program, and those like it, is a great opportunity to do just that."Kim Fedd, Avionics Apprentice
"I like that the company is investing their future in the current workforce. It gives us a greater sense of pride, accomplishment and belonging. I also appreciate getting different experiences on various product lines; it makes for a more rounded experience."Dawn Beyreuther, Avionics Apprentice
"This is a great opportunity that allowed me to advance my career and learn from many journeypersons in this field in a way that I would not have been able to otherwise." Gayle Beuhler, CNC

The Process

  • 1

    Application Process

    Submit your application. Textron Aviation representatives will review the most qualified candidates, conduct interviews and reach out to the selected candidates with an offer.

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  • 2


    If you are offered and accept the position, you will need to fulfill the pre-employment requirements with Textron Aviation.

  • 3

    FAFSA and Enrollment

    After completing the pre-employment stage, apply for school admission and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The technical college can assist with this step if necessary. Following this, connect with an advisor to enroll in your required classes.

  • 4

    Begin Your Skill-Building

    Distribute your forty hour workweeks between two days at at a technical college and three days of on-the-job training, encompassing diverse rotations and hands on experience within your chosen path.

  • 5

    Program Completion

    Spend two years improving your skills followed by one year of full-time employment to successfully conclude the program. Upon graduation of the apprenticeship program, we'll continue supporting your growing career with guaranteed job placement.

Explore Our Paid Apprenticeship Programs

Find paid apprenticeship programs that match your career goals.
Apprenticeships are rotational and openings are not posted year-round.

Avionics Apprenticeship

Unlock a world of expertise in the Avionics Apprenticeship Program. During this learning opportunity, you will become proficient in areas of electrical theory, using electronic testing devices, digital concepts, wiring and avionics systems. Upon program completion, secure your state-registered license.

A&P Aircraft Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship

Explore an exciting career path as part of our Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Apprenticeship Program. In this program you will play a vital role in the repair, maintenance and troubleshooting of airframes, engine systems, parts and components.

CNC Machining Apprenticeship

Shape your future with our CNC Machining Program and develop skills essential to your CNC career. You will learn safety procedures, the correct usage of hand and power tools, how to interpret blueprints, create sketches, precision measuring and layout methods, the setup, operation and cleanup of lathes, milling machines and surface grinders. Upon completing the program, secure your state-registered license.

Find this opportunity in Wichita, KS and Saginaw, MI.

Tooling Apprenticeship

Elevate your craftsmanship with our Tooling Program. This program empowers you to excel in the fabrication and assembly of various jigs and fixtures. You will develop an understanding of optics, practice safe and effective use of shop equipment and curate inspection setup techniques.

Paint Apprenticeship

Unleash your potential with our Painting Apprenticeship Program. During this program, you will be provided with comprehensive learning experiences in all aspects of the coating and paint industry including formulation, application and specialized areas.

Maintenance- Numerical Computer Apprenticeship

Get on the fast track to a fulfilling career in machinery and automation with our Maintenance Program. Acquire a solid foundation in analyzing, troubleshooting, and aligning mechanical and automated industrial machinery. This program's comprehensive coursework covers electronics, industrial wiring, motor controls, programmable logic controls, instrumentation, industrial fluid power, manufacturing automation and robotics.

Coming Fall 2024: Quality- CMM Inspector

Set yourself up for success with the Quality - CMM Inspector Apprenticeship Program. In this program, you will acquire a diverse skill set, inspecting parts to ensure acceptable appearance, function, tolerances, dimensions and specifications while also maintaining detailed inspection paperwork.

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, please reach out to our Careers Team at

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