1View 1View

One app to view all Flight, Maintenance, Service, Parts, and Wiring documents across Beechcraft, Cessna, and Hawker aircraft. Instantly view and sync history between the mobile app and 1View online, so you can pick up where you left off. Bookmarks, annotations, and history sync between your mobile devices.

One main feature is the ability to have multiple books open at the same time, and the ability to have multiple pages within the same document open. Instantly create and switch between tabs, and view the entire Table of Contents.

Other features include a 90% increase in update speeds, thumbnail generation and complete support for all bookmarks and links within PDFs. Link Accounts, View Subscription status, receive updates , and 1 click access to Service info and 1View online all from the app.

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cesnav Cesnav

One app that combines weight and balance, performance takeoff and landing, and flight planning calculators. Pull in METAR weather data instantly, and tap to share values across all 3 calculators.

Electronically sign and share all results in a unified PDF to other 3rd party apps.

Loading tab uses an aircraft-specific weight and balance file. It allows you to quickly determine your takeoff and landing weight and CG after entering your passengers, cargo, and fuel load.

Planning tab calculates climb/cruise/descent performance. It uses a worldwide airport and navaid database to calculate time, fuel, distance, DOC, and carbon emissions for each trip. The power setting can be optimized to minimize flight time or fuel burn.

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Service Service

Quickly access Support Contacts and view all locations of Service Centers, Authorized Facilities, and MSUs. The ability to rate Service Centers, view Radio Frequency, call, and request Flight Assurance is at your fingertips.

LinxUs allows you to receive notifications for faults instantly as they happen in flight, review the last 30 days with explicit details of the fault, and submit them to 1Call.

Access to Sales Portal allows you to instantly view status of aircraft in maintenance, pay invoices, and approve work orders. A push notification will be sent to you when a new work order is needing responded to.

Customer Conference lets you see what all conferences Textron Aviation has open. View what classes available, view floor maps, other documents, register and unregister for classes, rate the class, and view speaker documents from the app.

AReS diagnostics tool allows you to connect to our aircraft, view diagnostic files, download them directly to your device, and then send them to Textron Aviation.

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